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Start a Wow Project!

Use your Passion & Talent to make the World a little Better and yourself a lot Happier.


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Work should be Wow; yet for the majority of people, it isn't. A study by Gartner shows that 87% of all employees are not satisfied with their work...
People are bored, frustrated, burned out and often deeply unhappy.

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The world should be Wow, yet for the majority of people it isnโ€™t. Hunger, disease, pollution, repression are but a few of the problems millions of people experience everyday. And now even the world itself is under serious threat.



Companies face ever-growing problems in recruiting and binding the best people. Classic incentives (salary, corner offices, company cars) are no longer enough when the work itself is devoid of purpose and meaning.



The Wow Project is meant to help with a simple but powerful approach: start a Wow Project to make the world a little better and find passion, purpose and meaning doing work you love.


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The Problem:

There is a gap in our lives that is preventing us from living happy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Me, age 5

Me, age 5

5 years old

At 5, we are all heroes-in-the-making. We have big dreams for our future: joining the Thunderbirds, becoming a famous inventor, turning into Superman... (those were my dreams at 5)

 Age 40, without the cape

Age 40, without the cape

40 years old

As adults, we spend our days in endless meetings and our nights falling asleep in front of the TV. No Thunderbirds, No Famous inventor, No Superman capeโ€ฆ

Life's end

Life's end

At life's end

At the end of our lives, we regret the things we haven't done. The steps we didn't take, the plans we didn't realize, because we were too afraid to try. Because we prioritized safety over our passion. Because we buried our dreams.

As adults we start following the herd

As adults we start following the herd

Ambition vs reality

There is a gap between our ambitions as a child and the reality we accept as adults. When we grow up, we start living according somebody else's definition of life. We follow the herd. And we settle... That's why most of us feel unfulfilled and unhappy.


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The Solution: Start a Wow Project

We *think you can cross the Gap by starting a Wow Project: *** Doing Work you Love, that makes the world a little (or a lot) better.

This site offers help every step of the way.
**So: Find your inner 5 yo, start a Wow Project and become the Hero you are meant to be.

What is a Wow Project?

Wow projects can take on many different forms, but the underlying principles are often the same:

<aside> <img src="/icons/arrow-right_blue.svg" alt="/icons/arrow-right_blue.svg" width="40px" /> The 7 Principles of Wow Projects

  1. They make the world a little (or a lot) better
  2. They make our hearts glow
  3. They make optimal use of our passion & talents
  4. They help us grow and develop ourselves
  5. They give us a sense of purpose and meaning
  6. They are not primarily aimed at money (although money can be a byproduct).
  7. They make us happy </aside>

In short: a Wow Project is work as it's supposed to be


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Examples of Wow Projects


Jadav Molai Payeng (The Forest Man of India) has singlehandedly planted and tended trees on a sandbar of the river Brahmaputra turning it into a forest reserve, bigger then Central Park in New York.


Johan the sandwich man has been preparing packed lunches for children who go to school without food because their parents cannot afford it. "If you have money for only one meal a day, you will choose the warm one."

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